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In my 30 years in the flooring business, some of the most beautiful wood floors that I have seen are over 50 years old. If installed and maintained properly a wood floor will last a lifetime.

In today's floor coverings there is no floor more beautiful than a wood floor. The warmth and character it provides is second to none. That is why at Assured Restoration we take pride and care in every floor that we install and refinish. We use nothing but the highest quality products on the market today and are constantly changing to keep up with the latest technology and products available.

So whether you are looking to install a new floor or refinishing an existing floor. Let Assured Restoration provide you with a free estimate today. Because we know if done right your wood floors will truly last a Lifetime.

John Phillips
We follow the guidelines set by the National Wood Flooring Association in all our installation and finishing procedures.

We use the latest dustless equipment called the Eliminator by Latta, the worlds leader in dust containment systems.

Our Finishes are the safest and strongest around. We use Streetshoe. A commercial grade finish.